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Sub-Gateway Package
Creates a separate payment gateway system under your one main multiple licence gateway complete with its own unique payment and receipt pages. This means that your individual websites can send to their own individual payment gateway system each with a unique secure gateway URL. Each sub gateway can also have a unique logo/graphic to further its exclusivity with the source website/shopping cart.
$44.00AUD Annually

Custom Gateway Design
Enables you to have payment and receipt pages looking similar in design to the source website. An ideal option for those who would like to maintain the look and feel of their own website right through the payment authorisation process.
$121.00AUD One Time

Recreate Gateway
Should you require us to recreate an existing gateway system due to ...

- Lost key pass or key passes

- Key passes have become compromised

or for whatever reason.
$99.00AUD One Time

Custom Payment
Customer defined payment authorisation amount.
$1.00AUD One Time

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